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Trusted industry leaders since 1985.

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    Who We Are

    We are an industry-leading ticket broker in business for almost 30 years. We’re now offering our efficiency and expertise to select members of the broker community as a consignment service.

    What We Do

    We sell tickets. Lots of them! Using a combination of industry standard and proprietary software and an amazing staff we handle all of the receiving, downloading, scanning, packaging, shipping, uploading, and customer service, so you can do what you do best: buy and sell more tickets!

    How It Works

    Using our web-based portal you can access our system from anywhere in the world to buy-in and price your inventory. We list your tickets on every major ticket exchange at a rate that matches or beats your current rate. When your tickets arrive you send them, in bulk, to our offices and we handle the rest. You receive payment every 10 days for all tickets that have been sold and delivered.


    To compete in today’s market you need every technological advantage possible. You could spend thousands every year on expensive automation software, point of sale systems, web hosting, server hosting, point-of-sale systems, and exchange fees – or you could consign with us and enjoy all those benefits without the hefty price tag.

    Point-of-Sale System


    Exchange Fees


    Automation Software


    Website / Server Infrastructure


    Grand Total: Over $15,000/year

    That’s money you could spend on growing your business or better enjoying all the free time you’ll have while we take care of the day-to-day operations.


    A large broker has a lot of overhead. You need people to assist customers, deal with exchanges, package and ship orders, combat fraud, fight credit card charge-backs, and constantly monitor your inventory to ensure no mistakes are being made. What if you didn’t need to worry about all of that extra labor and the overhead associated with it?

    Grand Total: 100's of thousands

    Eliminate the overhead and headache that comes with running a large brokerage.

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